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Top-5-enrolled-Agent-CoursesIf you are looking to pass the enrolled agent exam on your first attempt, you will want to review our in-depth overview of the top 5 exam prep courses on the market.  When in comes to preparing for the EA exam, there are a number of options on courses you can take and as you will find out, not all courses are the same.

Choose the wrong course and you could find yourself spending $100’s of dollars more on additional prep materials.  Or find yourself studying using some software that looks like it has not been updated since the late 1990’s.


EA Exam Course Chart and Discounts

Gleim EA ExamFast-Forward-Academy-EA-Reviewsurgent-logoGryfin-EALambers-EA






PROVIDERGleim EA ReviewFast Forward Academy EA ReviewSurgent EA ReviewGryfin EA Review  Lambers EA Review
COST$629.95$599 $479.20$499$427 $397$1,649.65
3,000+3,200+ 1,800+1,700+ 900+
12 Months Get Access To Course Until You Pass12 Months12 Months
Yes – You Must Fail EA Exam Twice
Individual Counselor and Both Email and Phone SupportPhone and email support  Phone, Email and online chat support Email Support= $299.95
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Gleim EA Review (Rank: #1)

Gleim EA Exam


Access To Individual Counselor: When you get started with Gleim’s Enrolled Agent prep course, you are assigned a counselor, who not only helps explain the software, but also helps to keep you on track.  Besides your individual counselor, you also have access to a team of accounting professionals to answer any test related questions you may have.  Gleim is a company that not only wants to make money, but they have a vested interest in helping you prepare and pass the enrolled agent exam on your first attempt.
Real Life Exam Day Emulation: One of the area’s Gleim really prides itself is how close to the actual exam the software looks. Students who take the practice tests, will not only feel very comfortable using the proctored software, but will notice that it is nearly identical to the Gleim EA review course software.
Digital And Physical Books: Let’s face it, digital books are great and all and they are definitely here to stay. However, there are a lot of times where you want to write in a physical book, take notes and refer back to sections. With the Gleim EA review course, you get access to not only physical course review books, but an easy to use online
digital version of the books, perfect when you don’t want to carry around your books, but need to look up something.
Final Exam Review: Finally, one of the area’s where the Gleim enrolled agent prep course really shines is their final exam review, which allows you to take a full 100 question exam.  Gleim recommends that students take at least one full exam, before their proctored exam. This will give you a good estimation on how you will perform on the actual exam
and is immensely valuable for students.

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Fast Forward Academy EA Review (Rank: #2)



Physical And Online Textbooks: One of the great things about the fast forward academy ea review course, is that you pay one price and get everything you need to prepare for the enrolled agent or SEE exam.  Not only do you get physical textbooks, but you also receive access to their online textbook, which is great for searching for specific topics or questions.
Online Game: The fact that the FFA incorporates a game into their system is pretty unique and something we especially liked.  Not only does it help you prepare for the exam, but it is great for taking a break from studying or at work when you want to practice for the exam,  but don’t have a lot of time.
Monthly Payment Options: For those students who may not have $500 to spend on an enrolled agent exam or those that prefer to split up their payments into convenient payment options, the fast forward academy course, allows you access to their full course upfront, while you pay off the course in convenient monthly payments of roughly $50 per month.
Limited Video Lectures: While the fast forward academy does provide video lectures covering the most important topics and specific questions/concepts that students have trouble with.  There is only 10 hours of video lectures currently.  Overall, this isn’t a huge detractor and only some students will find an issue with this, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Surgent EA Review (Rank: #3)



Adaptive Testing:  One of the strengths of the Surgent EA review course, is the fact that they utilize adaptive learning in order to better prepare you for the exam.  The way that adaptive learning works, is the software will adapt to the questions you answer correctly and in the future show not show those questions.  Not only are top test prep providers using adaptive learning, but increasingly exam providers are also using adaptive testing.
English And Spanish Course: For espanol speakers, the great thing about the Surgent EA exam preparation course, is the fact that questions and answers are not only in english, but also in spanish.  The Surgent enrolled agent exam prep course, is actually the only course on the market that offers both english and spanish questions and answers.
Simulated Exam Mode: Like the Gleim EA review course, the Surgent enrolled agent course, also includes an exam mode, which closely mimics the actual exam testing environment. Now when test day comes, you will not only be better prepared, but be comfortable with the testing software and environment.
14 Day Refund Policy: The only real downside to the surgent enrolled agent course, is their 14 day refund policy, which is the shortest of most of the EA exam prep courses.  This isn’t a huge deal, since you will know if the software and course is right for you, but still one slight negative mark for the course and something to be aware of.

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Gryfin EA Review (Rank: #4)



Adaptive learning environment: The Gryfin software incorporates the latest in adaptive learning and real life testing environment.  Coupled together, this provides the latest technology that students should expect from an enrolled agent course.
100% Pass Guarantee: Gryfin ea review provides a 100% pass guarantee, so if you complete the entire course and don’t pass the exam on your first attempt, you can get your money back.  Compared to other enrolled agent providers, this is a step above some of the other providers guarantees.
Affordable Cost: With over 1,700+ practice questions and a cost under $400 with discounts, the gryfin exam prep course is a great value.  While you do sacrifice some things; such as no video lectures and no physical books, the software and course is extremely up to date and robust.
No Video Lectures: Being primarily an online web-based software as a service exam prep company, we kind of were expecting some sort of video lectures to add that little extra value to the course.  While many students find that they generally prefer to study on their own, some do miss the added value that comes with recorded or live classroom instruction.

Lambers EA Review (Rank: #5)



Individual Course Pricing: Lambers is a great option for students who are taking the exam for a second time and only need to review one or two sections.  Since the course is a’la’cart you purchase only what you need or want.  This can be a positive or negative, depending on if you want a full course at a discount or only a specific section.
Extensive Video Courses: For those students who are looking for as a lot of classroom instruction, the lambers ea review courses are a tremendous value.  While you have to purchase each section of the course separately, you get several days worth of pre-recorded live classroom instruction, instead of several hours like some of the competitors.
Cost: If you group up everything, similar to what would come with the fast forward academy or gleim ea review courses, you will find that you are spending north of $1500, which is a lot to pay for most enrolled agent students.  It’s not a huge deal if your employer is paying for the cost of your course, but if you are shelling the money out of your own pocket, it’s a lot to pay all at once.
Outdated Course Materials: Overall the entire Lambers course presentation and a’la’cart offerings is pretty dated, for instance, you can purchase either physical audio lectures or online downloadable audio lectures.  Additionally, while most of the other courses one the market, provide everything through a web interface, many of the lambers enrolled agent material, still comes on cd-rom’s or physical books.  Which can be a problem for folks that have a computer without a cd or dvd rom drive. You kind of want to yell – hello the 1990’s have past, you mind updating your course-ware folks?

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