Arthur EA Review was created by Bob Arthur in the early 1990’s, and included a set of three text books designed to prepare you for the enrolled agent exam.  At the end of the chapters, there were also practice questions.  As of 2017, Bob Arthur NO LONGER offers the textbooks and thus we can NO LONGER RECOMMEND this course.  The reason why we are covering it, is some people come to us asking about the course and whether or not we suggest purchasing it.  Keep in mind that the course was last updated in 2015 and would not have any recent updates and study questions you would need to prepare for the 2017-2018 testing year.

While his website is currently operating, it just shows a “coming soon” and another offering.  We cannot reasonably offer students order a course through his website or purchase the Arthur EA review at this time.  It’s clearly not the original course and course offering.

(For informational purposes we are including our review – But keep in mind this course is NOT RECOMMENDED!)

Original Review Follows…



1. Extensive overview of topics

The original Arthur course, developed by Bob Arthur, did go into extensive detail and covered each section of the exam in it’s individual books. There was roughly over 1000 pages of content, that went into enough detail to adequately cover each of the concepts.

2. Moneyback Guarantee

With the physical books, you also got a 10 day moneyback guarantee, this offered enough time for most students to glance over the books and practice questions to decide whether the course was right for them.


1. Old School Way Of Learning

The course, was clearly designed with a focus in the 1990’s, the way the program was put together and fact it looked more like a correspondence course, rather than a modern exam prep course, showed.  This along with diminishing sales, was probably one of the many reason’s Arthur pulled his course off the market with only a “coming soon” update.

2. Lack of any audio or visual training aids

Basically with the Arthur course, you get three physical books and that’s all.  Which can be a great thing, if you are motivated, do not need any support, can plan and can stick to your own schedule.  But let’s face it, the vast majority of students are lacking in at least one area, maybe you need someone to remind you that you need to cover this concept this day of the week or you have a question about a certain concept and you need someone to explain it to you.  The Arthur EA review course, was entirely lacking in these area’s.

3. No computerized testing or exam prep

This is a huge weakness to the Arthur course, while the course did offer review questions at the end of the chapters, they were nowhere near the 1000-2000+ questions offered by many of the other enrolled agent exam prep courses we have used and covered.  Also, lacking a physical testing program on cd or online course, there is really no way to easily prepare for the exams and test your knowledge.  With all of the other courses we review, you can literally practice and review hundreds of questions and create new exams, with a different set of questions every time.


With the Arthur EA review course no longer being offered and only a vague promise of “coming soon”, we cannot recommend this course.  Or anything that Arthur is selling at this point.  We would recommend staying away from this course. The only reason we have this review up, is several times a month we get people asking about the course or having heard about it, usually from a colleague that used it 5-10+ years ago.

Keeping in mind that the last time the course was offered was 2015, even if you do find a copy of the course, it’s going to be dated and there are going to be a lot of updated and information that is not covered that you will have missed.  There is a reason why EA review prep courses are updated every year, since changes happen to the tax code or new topics are covered, and you will want to be prepared for those changes.


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