Fast Forward Academy EA review, is an online review platform that incorporates games as well as adaptive testing to help you pass the exam on your first try.  Besides offering physical and electronic text books to help you prepare, they also provide answers and a lot of feedback throughout the course.  And if you have a question about a topic or answer along the way, you can summon help from an accounting expert, directly through the software.  The great thing about the Fast Forward Academy enrolled agent exam prep, is that they don’t nickle and dime you for extra’s and addon’s like some other providers.



1. Physical And Online Textbooks

Fast-Forward-Academy-Text-BookThe enrolled agent study guide, provides you will all the information and resources you need to successfully pass each section of the exam.  Not only do you receive the physical books in the mail, but you can access their FastBook, which is an online version of the physical study guides online.

The ability to access the same study materials online, is a great benefit and allows you to review information and look up test questions, wherever you have internet access.

2. Extensive Practice Exams

Fast Forward Academy has a testing bank of over 3,200+ exam questions and answers, many of which come directly from past exams.  When you compare their question databank to other providers of test prep software, you will find they have the most questions of any training provider.  You can not only filter the questions by chapter, topic and subject, but you can review your incorrect answers from prior study sessions, and utilize their FastFocus review to cover questions that the software detects you haven’t quite mastered yet.

And when it comes to actual tests, they offer  you unlimited access to their testing simulator.  The Fast Forward Academy tests are timed, weighted and scored just like the actual exam and look remarkably similar to the official proctored test.  Students who have taken just a single Fast Forward Academy practice test, are not only more comfortable with the testing environment on exam day, but more relaxed and do significantly better than students who have used other providers software that is outdated or no software to prepare.


3. Online Game

Let’s face it, studying for several hours can be a drag and sometimes you just want a break from studying, yet still want to use your time wisely.  Fast Forward Academy has the answer, they have devised an online trivia game called FastPlay, which allows you to choose from single or multiple student mode, which rewards you with points for getting the question right as quickly as possible.  Not only is learning much more enjoyable and fun, but the game also teaches you to efficiently answer questions on the exam.  While the game may seem like all fun, it’s actually helping you to achieve a higher score on the actual exam, since you will have more time toward the end of the proctored exam to review any questions you were not sure of or skipped over.

4. Flexible Payment Options

While the software and training isn’t incredibly expensive, it is around $500 and some students may want a way to break it up into convenient monthly payments.  The great thing about Fast Forward Academy, is they will allow you to either pay for the course entirely upfront or you can split the payment into monthly payments of roughly $50, with a 0% APR.  Of course you do have to be approved for the line of credit, however most students we have spoken to that went the monthly payment route, didn’t have an issue.  Overall, for students who may not have the funds to pay for enrolled agent prep courses upfront, yet still want, one of the best courses on the market, this is a huge advantage.

5. FFA Study Planner

One really great feature of the Fast Forward Academy ea review course, is their built in study planner.  They allow you to create your very own study schedule, that is built around your own schedule.  It’s a great way to stay on track and make sure you have enough time to prepare for the actual exam.


1. Limited Video Lectures

fast-forward-academy-video-reviewWhile it’s great that FFA or Fast Forward Academy is now offering video lectures, built into their software at no additional cost. At present they only have 10 hours of pre-recorded live video lectures, covering 45 different topics.  Hopefully they will add to the video lecture library in the future as many students like the ability to see key concepts explained to them.

2. 30 Day Refund Policy & Pass Guarantee

30-day-moneybackIf you are not sure if the Fast Forward Academy EA review software is right for you, they do offer you 30 days to request a full refund.  However, let’s say you have taken the training course and failed your exam, some of the other competitors go a step beyond just 30-days and provide you a full refund of the course.  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s something to keep in mind.  That said, Fast Forward Academy does provide you a pass guarantee, which allows you full access to the software until you pass and get your certification.  In reality, this is much more beneficial, since let’s face it most students won’t fail all three sections and the pass guarantee, provides a bit more added incentive to take the exam again and pass it.




Overall the Fast Forward Academy EA review course, is a complete in-depth course that covers all of the topics you will expect to find on the actual exam.  The software is able to be accessed on any device, wherever you have internet access.  The games and other unique features and adaptive learning environment is a great touch.  And the ability to create exams and review questions that you have got wrong on past exams, is a huge benefit.

The only drawback is the limited video lectures, however they do cover most of the topics you need to master to pass the official exam and offer the ability to contact an accounting professional through the software, if you aren’t sure of an answer.


Summary of Course Features

  • Physical & Digital copies of the Fast Forward Academy textbooks
  • 3,200+ multiple choice questions with details answers
  • FastPlay online trivia game
  • Support & access to accounting professionals to answer difficult questions
  • 30 Day Moneyback guarantee
  • Access to the course until you pass for no extra charge
  • 10 hours of pre-recorded live video instruction
  • Monthly Payment Option


Fast Forward Academy EA Smart Bundle
Price: $599 (Sale Price of  $479.20 – With EAExam Discount)
Includes: Physical copy of the exam prep course and free delivery, FastBook (digital format) textbook,3,144 Study Questions with detailed answers, and unlimited practice exams, video answers for hard to answer questions, ability to split up the cost into affordable monthly payments.

Fast Forward Academy EA Online Bundle
Price: $499 (Sale Price of $399.20 – With EAExam Discount)
Includes: FastBook – digital text book, unlimited access to the software,3,144 Study Questions with detailed answers, and unlimited practice exams, video answers for hard to answer questions,ability to split up the cost into affordable monthly payments.

Fast Forward Academy EA Study Guide (Textbook)
Price: $199
Includes: Physical copy of the study guide and free domestic shipping.


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