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Gleim EA Review is a proven leader in the enrolled agent exam prep space and has been around for decades.  The great thing about the Gleim course, is that each student is provided a personal counselor to help keep you on track and answer any questions along the way.

Gleim also has one of the largest test bank of EA questions among any provider and unlike other providers which cut you off after a year.  With the Gleim EA review, you maintain access to the software until you pass all of the exams and become licensed.  Besides the exam prep software, you also get access to audio lectures at no added cost and thousands of questions to help you prepare for the exam.


1. Personal Counselor & Exam Help

The biggest strength of the Gliem EA review course, is that it’s much more than just online software to help you prepare for the exam.  Each student is assigned a personal counselor that will help keep you on track, telling you which sections you should take and how much time you should budget for preparing for the test.

Not only that, but there is a team of accounting professionals who will answer any exam related questions you may have along the way, either by phone or email.  This convenience alone other providers charge hundreds of dollars and only allow you to email back and forth.  And for many students, having someone available to walk you through questions you get stuck on over the phone, is extremely beneficial and valuable.  Because let’s face it, while email is great for a lot of things, if you are really stuck on a question or concept, and get an email response back, and still don’t get it, many students often will not email the accounting professional back.  Thus, being able to call someone and get help immediately over the phone, is extremely helpful and will often times help you master a concept a lot better, than just getting an emailed response back.

2. Authentic Exam Day Emulation

prometic-exam-enrolled-agentWhen it comes to sitting for any exam, especially one that is as important as the EA exam, naturally you will be stressed.  You will have doubts on whether you studied enough, if you are prepared enough and so on.  The benefit of the Gleim EA review software, is that the online testing environment mimics the actual exam testing program as close to it as possible.  That way when it comes test day and you sit down, you will be comfortable with the exam interface and feel like you are just taking another practice exam.

3. Digital and Physical books

While it’s true that digital is the way of the future and things are moving to an all digital format.  For many learners having a physical book is a great benefit.  Not only can you mark and make notes in the physical books, but you can take them anywhere.  For instance, if you have some extra time at lunch or want to go to the library to get away from distractions at home, you can take your hard copy books with you and study anywhere.

4. Interactive Study Planner

Let’s face it, when it comes to setting a schedule and remaining on track, many of us aren’t too great at it.  The interactive study planner built into the course and personal coaches, are both there to help you budget your time, so you are fully prepared to take the test, when it comes to test day.  In fact, several students who successfully passed the EA exam, and received their certificate, credit the study planner and coaches for helping them achieve a passing score.


5. AudioVisual Concept Overview

With each part of the Gleim EA course, you get access to an audiovisual overview of all of the key concepts.  Think of this as a live powerpoint presentation, that you can follow along, take notes and gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts you will be expected to master in order to become an enrolled agent.

All of these high level concept overviews can be accessed directly through your online Gleim account, meaning that you can follow along on any device that has internet access.


6. Downloadable or Online Audio Review

The Gleim EA review course, also comes with downloadable audio files that you can playback in your car or on your ipod, wherever you are.  Each audio course, covers the high level concepts you need to master in order to pass the EA exam and is extremely beneficial for auditory learners.  Many people find it helpful to playback and listen to the concepts while working out at the gym or while driving to work.  It’s been widely studied that we really need to hear and listen to a concept, several times before our brains fully grasp it, and the downloadable or online audio section of the course helps immensely.


7. Study Sessions & Practice Exams

Gleim-practice-testsThe Gleim EA review course is very robust, there are two types of practice types from which you can choose from.  Study sessions, give you immediate feedback and provide the answers to the questions after you have submitted them.  This is great for students who might have a brief amount of time to study or who are just going through the course for the first time.  Whereas, practice exams, will give you as close to real exam type environment where you answer all of the questions and then at the end you are told which questions you got right or wrong.


8. Final Exam Review

When you are nearing your actual test day, you can complete a full length timed test.  This is as close to the real live test you will receive and consists of 100 multiple choice questions, which are times.  If you get a passing score on the final practice exam, you should feel fairly confident in your ability to pass the actual exam.  The great thing about the full length final exam, is that you get the feedback you need, so that if there is a section you need to brush up on, you can do so before you take the official proctored exam.

9. Money-Back Guarantee & Access Until You Pass

Gleim is so confident that you will be satisfied with their software and pass the enrolled agent exam, they provide not one, but two guarantee’s.  The moneyback guarantee is a 12 month guarantee, that should you fail the exam and have gone through the course in it’s entirety, they will refund your purchase price.  The second guarantee, is an access until you pass guarantee, which basically provides the individual student complete online access to the course and yearly updates, until they pass all three sections of the exam and become certified.  The great thing about the access until you pass guarantee is, that you do not have to pay any additional fee’s (like some of Gleim’s competitors) and you don’t have a time limit on when you have to take the exam next.


10. Discounts

While the complete Gleim EA course is a tremendous deal and is one of the best programs on the market, you can save a bit more on your Gleim EA review course, using one of our discount codes.  The costs savings will pay for a good portion of your test proctoring or plenty of starbucks coffee, which you will undoubtedly be needing to help you get through some of the longer practice tests and sections.


1. Lack of video training

If you are more of a visual learner and want live or recorded training, then the Gleim course may not be the right fit for you.  However, with the audiovisual course and live guided powerpoint presentations and audio companion, the vast majority of students find the Gleim course works extremely well for them.  Not to mention, if you are stuck on a problem or have questions along the way, all you need to do is send an email or pick up the phone and you will be connected to an accounting professional, who can explain the concepts to you.

2. Costs

The Gleim course we feel is a very good value for everything you get in the course and having a complete system, with everything included is a huge advantage.  While there are other cheaper courses on the market, they are all inferior to the Gleim course in some way, for instance they may used decades old antiquated software or nickle and dime you for each section or add-on.  With the Gleim course, which is around $500, you get everything you need to successfully prepare and pass the EA exam.


The Gleim course is one of the best values and most comprehensive enrolled agent courses on the market. The added benefits of having a personal coach and live (email or phone) accountants standing by to answer your questions is a huge plus.  And the fact that Gleim offers not one but two guarantee’s – is a huge benefit for students and something that some of the other exam preparation providers charge hundreds of dollars extra.  Let’s fact it, the last thing you want to do is have to pay $200 extra, for a time extension on the software, after you failed a section. With the Gleim EA prep course, you never have to pay an additional fee again, should you fail a portion of the exam your first time.

 Summary of EA Exam Course

  • Digital and physical course books
  • Personal counselor
  • Live accounting professionals to assist you with answers to questions
  • Largest test bank of questions of any provider with over 2,000 multiple choice questions
  • Unlimited Review And Practice Questions
  • Accurate & Timed Final Exam Prep
  • 12 month Guarantee on the course & Extensions


Gleim EA Premium Review Package (Parts 1,2,3) ** Best Value **
Price: $629.95
Includes: Digital and physical copies of books, largest test bank of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the market, authentic exam day emulation, online review course, access until you pass guarantee, personal counselors: your very own exam mentor, access to accounting experts, free shipping, audio lectures (streaming or mp3), full-length final exam rehearsal, and an interactive study planner.

  • Price for Part 1 only: $229.95
  • Price for Part 2 only: $299.95
  • Price for Part 3 only: $199.95

Gleim EA Traditional ( Parts 1, 2 and 3)
Price: $529.95
Includes: Digital and physical copies of our books, largest test bank of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the market, authentic exam day emulation, online review course, personal counselors, and an interactive study planner.

  • Price for Part 1 only: $199.95
  • Price for Part 2 only: $254.95
  • Price for Part 3 only: $169.95

Gleim EA Test Bank and Books (Supplement)
Price: $379.85 
Includes: Digital and physical copies of our books,largest test bank of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the market, authentic exam day emulation

  • Price for Part 1 only: $119.95
  • Price for Part 2 only: $169.95
  • Price for Part 3 only: $89.95


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