Gryfin EA Exam Prep is a online EA exam preparation software, that is designed to help you pass the EA exam on your first attempt.  The software is very robust and includes over 1,700 multiple choice questions and provides an adaptive learning environment, which allows you to focus only on areas that the software detects you need to spend additional time on.  In the past, studying for the EA exam used to require you to study hundreds of questions, going over the same principles over and over.  With the adaptive testing software and AI, the software can no customized an individual learning environment and help you focus your time productively.


1. Easy to Use Web Based Environment:

gryfin-ea-examThe Gryfin software is entirely web based, this is not only beneficial to users because now you can use it regardless of your operating system.  But it also allows you to use the software, wherever you have an online connection, meaning that you can use it on a tablet at the coffee shop or over lunchtime.  Along with the ease of use of the online environment, the software also keeps track of your progress, and allows you to print out your learning track.  For companies who reimburse employees for educational training and development, the ability to print out your progress is a great benefit of the software and you can easily show your manager if they have any doubts.

Another benefit of the Gryfin web based learning environment, is they are able to update the database of questions and make changes much more frequently than traditional software you have to load on your pc or mac computer.  So if there are any changes, you can rest assure that you always have the latest training and exam prep software on the market.

2. Adaptive Learning Exams:

While adaptive learning has been around for a number of years, the incorporation into training programs is becoming quite popular and the leading EA exam prep providers incorporate it.  The benefit of adaptive learning is that instead of having to answer hundreds of questions, the web based computer software is able to detect which concepts that you have mastered and which ones that you need additional review of.  So instead of asking you ten or twenty similar questions of a concept you have already proven you know, the software automatically makes note that you have mastered that topic and moves onto the next topic covered on the EA exam.  Not only has adaptive testing and adaptive exam preparation proven more effective, but it ultimately allows you to prepare to take the exam much quicker and have more time to focus on areas where you need further review.

3. 100% Pass Guarantee:

EA-exam-full-courseWhile a lot of companies will tell you their average pass rate, Gryfin goes a step beyond that and provides a 100% pass or refund guarantee.  Meaning, if you complete the course completely and do not pass the EA exam on your first shot, they will refund the purchase price of the course.  Not a lot of companies will stand behind their products as fully as Gryfin and this just further demonstrates the effectiveness of their software and the exam preparation.

Additionally, while 12 months is more than enough time for most test takers to use the software to prepare for the exam.  The company recognizes that sometimes life or work gets in the way, that is why they offer a 50% discount, should you not be able to complete the EA exam prep in the 1 year time frame.  This is especially valuable for individuals who might have failed on their first attempt and taken some time off.

4. Affordable Cost:

The Gryfin EA exam prep is one of the most affordable programs on the market.  And you can either purchase individual sections or the complete course for under $500.  When you purchase the entire course and complete it fully, it also comes with the 100% pass guarantee, which gives you a little bit extra peace of mind in the course and your abilities.  And with over 1700 questions, to help you prepare for the actual test, you will feel fully prepared when test day comes.

5. Discounts:

Gryfin also from time to time offers it’s customers additional discounts off their already low prices.  We always are sure to provide you the best discount on your training course, so make sure to look out for additional savings.  With additional discounts, you still get access to the program for the full 12 months (1 year) and all of the warranties and expert exam preparation that countless other tests takers have used to help them pass the Enrolled Agent exam on their very first attempt.



1. No Video Lectures:

The Gryfin EA review software does lack video lectures, so if you are looking for that type of training this may not be the best exam preparation software for you.  On the flip side, full review programs with online courses or video training do cost substantially more and with many book and other training aids available, many students do not feel this is really a weakness in the software.  When you compare the fact that the Gryfin EA software can be used across all devices, comes with a 100% pass guarantee and costs 1/3 or 1/4th of the price of some of the full featured video courses, it is easy to see the benefits far outweigh the weakness’s.


Hopefully this Gryfin EA review has provided you with a greater sense of the software and the many benefits training with it can provide you.  The course is entirely web based and uses an adaptive environment, it’s best suited for individuals that can budget their time and those who have busy schedules and want flexibility in when they study for the exam.

For those students and test takers who are more visual learners or do not have any finance or tax preparation experience, the Gryfin EA software may not be the best course for you.  In the event that you want more traditional preparation and instructor lead coaching on passing the EA exam, you may want to look at another course that incorporates video training or online instruction.

 Summary of EA Exam Course

  • Web Based Exam Preparation
  • Includes more than 1,700 multiple choice questions & Answers
  • 100% Pass or refund guarantee
  • Online tracking and planner
  • 12 month access to the course.


Gryfin Full course (Parts 1-3) and 100% Pass Guarantee

Price: $427 $397

Includes: One full year of access to the course and exam planner, a database of 1,700+ multiple choice questions, complete exam preparation including all three parts of the exam. And a 100% pass or refund guarantee, provided that you complete the full training course.

Gryfin EA Exam Review Individuals Parts:

Price: $149 per part.

A.  Part 1: Individuals

B.  Part 2: Business

C.  Part 3: Administrative

*Note if you purchase the individual course section the 100% pass guarantee does not apply.  The individual EA exam prep courses are really designed for individuals who have already taken the EA exam and failed a particular section and need additional training and study to successfully pass that section and become an enrolled agent.

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