Lamber EA Review prep, has been preparing students to take tax and financial services test since the 1960’s.  They originally started by offering traditional classroom courses and since then have branched out to offering a wide variety of courses delivered via video, audio and software.  If you are a student who is looking for more guided, traditional coaching on the EA exam, then the lambers review course could be one of the top contenders.

Lambers EA Review course has prepared students for the EA exam since 2008 and is available in three basic formats: audio, video, and software. Although the course technology is somewhat out of date, students looking for a more traditional learning option will appreciate the audio and video course options.


1. Video Course Offerings:

For those learners who are more visual or who may need a bit more review of the exam materials, the lambers program does offer video courses.  Each of the three parts of the exam are sold separately, so it can be quite costly if you want the full course on video.  However, you can purchase the video review either as a CD or online format and it goes in depth on the exam questions and how to arrive at the answers; recorded in a traditional classroom setting.

While it would be nice if all of the courses came bundled together at a discounted price, that isn’t the case.  However, many students may find that they are deficient in a particular area and may only need to purchase one section of the course, which can save you a bit of money in the long run.

2. Ipod/Ipad Courses:

In addition to the online or cd based video offerings, there is also a third option for delivery.  That is a mp4 format, which is perfect to load onto your mobile device or tablet and watch lectures on your way to work or at lunch.  Each portion of the EA exam review has dozens of hours of live lectures, covering all of the topics in each section of the exam.

3. Audio Courses:

Lambers also offers an audio format, this is perfect for students who maybe spend a great deal of time in their car or want a way to review the material in a portable fashion.  The audio portion is a bit more affordable than the video, so if the cost of the training program is a concern, it maybe an excellent way to still get the training and save a bit of money at the same time.

3. Adaptive Test Prep Software

Lambers also offers testing software covering each section of the exam.  You can load the software on your computer and go through each section or schedule a simulated exam, so you have a better sense of what it will be like come test day.  Each section of the course is sold separately and will run you about $150 per section of the course.

4. Money Back Guarantee

Lambers does offer a money back guarantee, with a couple stipulations.  You have to return the software and get approval from the company before doing so, you also have to have failed the corresponding test twice.  While it’s nice they provide a money back guarantee, some of the other providers who offer similar guarantee’s don’t have all the stipulations.


1. Cost

If you were to purchase all of the video courses and exam preparation software you will have spent well over $1500.  Unlike some of the other vendors of EA exam review software we have reviewed, there are no package deals.  Though many students find lambers software, because they use another providers online testing review program and are lacking the video portion of the course.  So in the event that you only need one section of the course in video or similar format, the overall cost to value is not out of range.

2. Limited Online Course Prep

While they offer online versions of the course, most of the EA review programs are either on physical disk or computer program.  These days most students want the ease and convenience of being able to access their review and exam preparation software online, from any device.  Also, once inside the lambers EA review site, it just seems less polished than some of the other vendors, which offer more functionality, more questions and better planning and management options.


Overall if you are a visual learner or want a more traditional course review, then the lambers EA review program offers an excellent value proposition.  It is more costly than some of the other EA review courses we have covered, but you can expect to pay a bit more for recorded classroom instruction.  They also offer an ask the expert product, where you can email your questions and get a response back.  This can be helpful if you are unsure of a subject matter or how an answer was arrived at, that said at nearly $500 retail, it is pretty costly for what you get.  We would of liked to see this bundled into the video course and perhaps limited phone support or online webinar support.


Summary Of EA Course:

  • Audio or ipad courses
  • Classroom video instruction
  • Adaptive test prep software
  • Electronic flashcards
  • “Ask The Expert” – email question & Answer service
  • Money Back Guarantee – If you should fail the test twice.
  • Online as well as traditional CD offerings


Lambers EA Review Video

Price: $299.95 for each of the three sections of the exam (sold separately)

Includes: Online or cd format video instruction by Arthur Reed, covering problems and solutions to past exam problems.


Lambers EA Review Test Prep Software

Price: $149.95 for each of the three sections of the exam (sold separately)

Includes: Adaptive test prep software with hundreds of questions from each section.


Lambers Flash Cards

Price: $124.95 for each of the three sections of the exam (sold separately)

Includes: an electronic flash card program, designed to drill you on key terms, definitions and areas of the exam.  You can also print out the cards and take them with you to study.

Lambers Audio EA Review

Price: $199.95 for each of the three sections of the exam (sold separately)

Includes: Lambers provides an audio course review, that covers problems and solutions from the exam.  This is perfect for students who like to go at their own pace and who may not be visual learners.  It’s also a great option for people that travel frequently and are frequently in their car.  Listening to the solutions and problems, is great practice and you will find you are able to grasp many of the concepts, simply by listening to the course.

Lambers “Ask The Expert” Service

Price: $299.95 for email access to instructors

Includes: If you are one of those students who needs more personalized 1-on-1 coaching or find yourself struggling with certain concepts, the ask the expert option maybe right for you.  There are some drawbacks to it however, the main one being that they only provide responses through email.  It is also quite costly, so you maybe better off hiring a tutor in your area that has passed the exam, if you need additional help or support on preparing for the exam.


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