Passkey-EA-ReviewPasskey EA review, is a workbook that covers each of the three sections of the enrolled agent exam.  It covers part 1 – taxation of individuals, part 2 – taxation of businesses and part 3 – representation, practice and procedures.  The workbooks are updated each year to reflect changes to the enrolled agent exam and tax code.  If you are looking for a self study course and don’t want to spend a lot on the course, then this maybe an option for you.

The workbooks are offered directly through Amazon and you can get them in a few days, shipped directly to your house.


1. Coverage Of All Key Concepts

The PassKey EA review workbooks, does provide a great overview of all of the key concepts and if you are studying for the enrolled agent exam, and cannot afford a full course, they are definitely helpful to have.  The cost of the course varies, but is usually under $200.00

2. Coverage Of All Key Concepts

Besides the workbook and overview, you do get two full practice exams for each section of the exam, these are traditional multiple choice questions, directly in the workbook.  So if you are expecting a stand alone computer CD or DVD, then you will be disappointed with the course.



1. Lack of Video or Audio Training

One of the area’s where PassKey EA Review is lacking and why we don’t recommend the course, is the fact that there are no visual or audio components to the course.  Most people appreciate the fact that there are online or visual learning aids built into other EA review courses, and the PassKey EA Review is more of a bare-bones approach.

2. Lack Of Computerized Testing

The PassKey Ea Review offers no online or computerized testing, additionally the test that are included in the workbooks, require you to go to the end of the books to get the answers.  For students who are looking for an easy way to study, this is definitely a hindrance.

3. No Phone Or Email Support

While the course was created by accounting professionals to help students pass the EA exam, the fact there is no audiovisual components or ability to get support if you have questions about a concept or problem, can be an issue for some students.  Overall there are more well rounded programs like Gleim EA review or Fast Forward Academy EA Review which we have covered that offer a full course.

4. Poor Formatting

Overall the workbook’s formatting and general layout is utterly lacking.  Key concepts are squished together, different sections and headings have boxes around them and overall it can be intimidating.  While all of the key concepts are presented, it’s a lot easier to follow along in a computerized format like other testing providers utilize.  Not only that, but if you want an answer to the questions, you constantly have to flip to the back of the book, to look up the answers.


Overall the PassKey EA review, didn’t “pass the muster” with us, we found the course lacking in several key areas.  And even while it is one of the more affordable EA review offerings on the market, the fact that other courses can be split up and paid for on a monthly basis, if you cannot afford the full fee upfront, is one of the many reason’s we cannot fully recommend this course to our students.

 Summary of PassKey EA Review

  • Over 600 Practice Questions
  • Full Review Of All Three Sections of the EA Exam
  • Multiple Choice Questions And Answers
  • Quick Shipping Through Amazon
  • Updated Yearly To Reflect Changes In The Enrolled Agent Exam
  • One of the cheapest EA review programs on the market


PassKey EA Review Course

Price: See Price Below – Amazon Direct

Includes: Physical PassKey EA Review workbook and included practice tests.


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