Surgent EA Exam Review Prep prides itself on it’s adaptive exam preparation and large database of questions (over 1,800+ multiple choice questions).  If you are not familiar with adaptive testing or test prep, it’s a proven methodology that based upon your previous answers, will tailor your test to your unique deficiencies.  With adaptive test preperation from Surgent, you spend more time on the questions and reviewing material you don’t have quite the handle on and less time on questions and review on concepts you have already mastered. And with at 14 day return policy, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the software and test prep is for you, if you don’t think it’s right for you, you can request a refund within 14 days, without problems.



1. Adaptive Testing Software
As we already mentioned, Surgent incorporates adaptive learning and testing right into their software.  What this means to you,
is that you have a personalized training and study program that is unique just for you, based on your previous response to test questions.  Now you can spend less time studying concepts that you have mastered and more time on concepts that you struggle with.

This greatly increases your chances of passing the EA exam on your first try and minimizes the time wasted on reviewing material you already know.

2. 14 Day Trial

Let’s face it besides paying the exam sitting fee’s, carving out time to study and prepare for the EA exam it is quite a financial and time commitment.  The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on exam prep software, only to find out that the format or style isn’t right for you.  That is why Surgent provides a full 14 day refund policy, giving you plenty of time to test drive the actual software and decide whether it is right for you or not.  This level of commitment and fact that they have helped thousands of test takers pass the EA exam, is one of the many reasons they are confident that you will also be satisfied with your purchase and choosing Surgent for your exam prep needs.

3. English And Spanish Exam Prep: 

One great thing about the Surgent software is the questions and answers are not only in English, but also in spanish for those non english speakers.  So if your native language is spanish and you are looking for a EA test preperation software, the surgent software is a great option.  And with a database of well over 1,800+ questions you can be assured that all the topics covered on the actual exam, you will have gone over and prepared for before hand.

4. Cost

There are two different options when it comes to purchasing the software, you can purchase the sections individually for under $200 a piece or you can purchase the full course for $499.  This is a great value, considering some of the other EA exam prep software on the market costs a considerable amount more.



1. Lack of video lectures

The main downfall to the surgent software, is the fact that there is no live visual course.  So for those learners who want to have someone go over the test prep questions and topics, and are visual learners, then the surgent software may not be right for you. However with the answers and resources and many of the physical books you are likely to already have, incorporating visual lessons into the courses, in most cases this isn’t a huge downfall.  However it is worth mentioning.


Surgent is a widely known and recommended provider of exam prep software it is ideal for students who want to study at their own pace and target area’s they haven’t quite mastered.  The Surgent EA exam prep software, uses the adaptive testing principle, where students and test takers are guided through the exams and areas they are deficient in are reviewed.

The fact that the course doesn’t have any live video courses, is great for commuters who want to practice on the train or at the coffee shop and who may not have access to a fast internet connection.  With a passing rate of 80% you can be assured that you will pass the exam, if you put in the time to study and go over the test questions fully.  And the fact that the entire course can be purchased for under $500 is a great benefit, for many students, especially if you don’t have a company reinbursing you for the costs of the training.



Summary Of EA Course:

  1. Adaptive Learning Environment
  2. Web Based Review Software
  3. Over 1,800 Multiple Choice Questions covering all topics fully
  4. Ability to purchase the full course or just topics
  5. Questions and Answers both in English and spanish
  6. Downloadable PDF materials for your review.


Surgent EA Exam Review Course ( Parts 1, 2, 3)

Price: $499

Includes: Full web based training with all three parts/modules; downloadable materials for your review. An adaptive learning environment, up to date IRS publications included in the software.


Surgent EA Exam Review Individuals Parts:

Price: $189 per part.

A.  Part 1: Individuals

B.  Part 2: Business

C.  Part 3: Administrative

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