WiseGuides EA review, has been around since the mid 1990’s and since then has help thousands of individuals studying for the EA exam, be better prepared come test day.  WiseGuides provides test takes, access to over 1000 practice questions, at an affordable price.


1. Large Database Of Practice Questions

WiseGuides EA review, provides you with over 2,800 study questions and answers to help you prepare for the exam.  Let’s face it, the more prepared you are for the exam, the better your chances are when it comes test day and the less stressed out you will be on exam day.  Along with a large bank of study questions, you also get the answers to the questions.

2. Online Practice Exams

You can take an unlimited number of practices exams, the software is not as refined as some of the other EA prep software on the market, and isn’t adaptive. However, if you are looking for that extra preparation and money is a major concern then the wiseguides EA exam prep will do just fine.

3. Online eStudy Cards

You can use the eStudy or electronic flashcards as a way to memorize material in each section of the exam.  The only downside is, that they do not provide a PDF printout of the cards, like other software products. So if you are looking for physical printout cards to take with you, it can be tedious to print out each study card one by one, using the software.

4. Affordable Price

WiseGuides EA review, provides one of the lowest cost exam prep software on the market currently.  You can purchase individual sections of the EA exam for $59 or $199 for all three sections.  You get roughly 1 year of access to the materials, or just before the revised exam comes out.  You can also add the digital flashcards for only a modest fee.

5. Money Back Guarantee

WiseGuides does provide a money back guarantee, with several stipulations.  The nice thing is if you achieve over 85% on your practice tests using the software and read 85% of the materials.  They do provide a moneyback guarantee if you should fail on your first attempt.  Though be aware there are many stipulations, such as requiring you to contact the company within 72 hours (3 days) of taking the exam.


1. Non Adaptive Testing software

The WiseGuides EA Review software does have several major downfalls, for one it doesn’t allow adaptive testing.  

Meaning that you have to spend a lot more time covering material that you likely already know.  Second, the software is fairly limited, in fact from a design and functionality standpoint, it looks like they last updated the engine back in the late 1990’s and have only changed the content.

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that the software and training is not effective.  And if you are on a strict budget, the cost of the WiseGuides EA exam training software is attractive.  However, there are many other software products that we have reviewed, that provide a much more streamlined and frankly more polished course.



Overall we would not recommend the WiseGuides EA review software for most students, it’s limited software and dated interface leave a lot to be desired.  There are no video lectures and some aspects are just down right odd; for example having to print out each flashcard one by one. That said, if money is a major concern and you have a limited budget, you may want to consider the WiseGuides EA software.  It will help you pass the EA exam and is better than having no training software at all.

 Summary of EA Exam Course

  • 2,800 study questions and answers
  • 1,600 eStudy Cards – Electronic Flashcards
  • 100% moneyback guarantee if you fail (see restrictions)
  • Online practice exams


WiseGuides Full Course

Price:  $199

Includes: Access to all three parts of the exam for the calendar year, unlimited practice exams and over 1,800 practice questions and answers.

WiseGuides Flashcards
Price: $20 per part
Includes: You can purchase the additional flashcards as part of the course, for an additional fee of $20 per section


WiseGuides EA Review Individual Sections (1,2,3)
Price: $59per part
Includes: If you are struggling with just one section, then purchasing the individual sections could be a cost effective way to save money.  Generally we only recommend this option, for students who are retaking a part of the exam after having failed it the first time.


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